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Wings of Love


As people age, they experience many physical and mental changes. One way to keep the elderly active and feeling youthful is by providing them with stimulating activities. These ideas will help seniors live a more positive, active lifestyle.


  • "Wings of Love" service program helps the elderly to know they are not alone.

  • The network's "Wings of Love" focuses on visiting people who live in nursing homes.

  • Elderly network helps to provides basic resources = “Like food and so forth.” 

  •  DIVAS show up when a friend has a hospital stay, they can delivery flowers or send cards on holidays or simply say a “prayer”.

  • Wings of love project can administrator a senior center.  (For example DIVAS can open a senior center provide home delivered meals by participating in a local “meals on wheels” program.)


If you are an individual with excellent strong values and good principles then a community network would be a good project for those who have compassion want to help the elderly. You don’t have to do much just be there to read a book, a verse or just talk about the old times. They love to talk about their life experiences. Take this opportunity to learn from them and help to deliverance for their spiritual lives. 


Volunteering is a rewarding feeling and experience. The Seniors have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with those around them.  When we help others through compassion, it develops greater accomplishment in our lives.  


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