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Downtown Main Street

Downtown Main Street project is committed to historic preservation.


We are looking for inspire and lover's Leaders around the World to preserve, revitalize their traditional Downtowns and commercial districts.


Many times developers often find it more financially advantageous to tear down and build new. Architecture is a direct and substantial representation of history and place. By preserving historic structures, we are able to share the very spaces and environments in which the generations before us lived. Historic preservation is the visual and tangible conservation of cultural identity.


A dynamic historic downtown can be the centerpiece of community life: a place to shop, invest, create and live. Simultaneously, preservation can be a tool to boost economy and quality of life.  Local residents can also benefit through interpretive components such as learning and recreational activities that complement an historic site’s didactic offerings and illustrate a special meaning between its past, present and future. The more the community is involved, the more successful effective an area will become for locals and visitors.