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ACCEL institute

ACCEL Educational Leadership Institute offers Training & Certificates

How long does it take to become a Certified Life Coach? Although many companies will require you to pay thousands of dollars and take up to two years of training, the ACCEL Coach Training offers a 1-2days Intensive Training! Can you imagine, one to two days and you’ll have the freedom of being a Life Coach?




 * Increase your personal income and personal freedom

 * Launch a profitable Life Coaching business

 * Become a Community Leader

 * Make a difference in the world

 * Work full or part-time from the comfort of your phone or workshops



People who want to experience more freedom in life and help other people do the same.


  • ACCEL Personal Development Coach $575
  • ACCEL Marriage Coach $525
  • ACCEL Parenting Coach $525
  • ACCEL Juvenile Training Coach $570
  • ACCEL Pastoral Leadership $525
  • ACCEL Mentor/Adviser Coach $420   


 *ACCEL Coach Certification

 * Full 1-2Day intensive training (one hour for lunch)

 * ACCEL Life Coach Manual and Materials

 * And is required to participate at a webinar annual to keep the certificate active.


ON-GOING monthly COACH SUPPORT. You’ll never be alone

Annual training by webinar required to keep the certificate active. $35


Whether your goal is to launch a thriving coaching business, grow a current coaching practice, or simply add a ‘coach approach’ to your repertoire of skills, the ACCEL Coach Training and Certification is going to give you the freedom you’ve been looking for!


ACCEL Personal Development Coach

Improve your clients' ability to set goals and achieve satisfying results by helping them identify and take advantage of their natural strengths. Participants will learn a model that outlines a coaching process they can use with individuals, teams, or an entire organization.

Coaching is primarily done over the phone/webinars so it can be done anywhere or by workshops. Most Personal development Coaches earn such a great living they only work part-time with clients and do what they want to do with the rest of their lives. ACCEL Educational Curriculum included.


ACCEL Marriage Coach

As a marriage coach, the Coach tried to motivate couples to take each other's feelings into account with every decision they would make. Marriage Coaching can help many couples and families. Coaching produces action, and action produces change. As every session includes action steps, progress is inevitable. ACCEL Marriage Coaching can take you from where you are in your life to where you would like to be.  ACCEL Educational Curriculum included


ACCEL Parent Coach

The Parent Coach team is highly trained and certified Parent Coaches who are dedicated to ongoing training and development and to providing the highest quality parent coaching and parent education available.
The parent Coach is who helps cultivate a better relationship between parents and children. A parent coach gives customized support and advice based on each individual family's needs. Coaches do use ACCEL Educational Parenting workshops and other materials. Whether you’re married, a step-parent, single parent or foster parent, ACCEL Coach Certified will provide you the education and support for the most important job any of us will ever have. ACCEL Educational Curriculum included.


ACCEL Juvenile/youth Coach

The Certified Juvenile/youth Coach training program will assist you in working with teens or high scholars. This program will equip you with tools to help them transition into successful adulthood. Help youth increase motivation, confidence, and help them reach a higher level of potential! ACCEL Educational Curriculum included.