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T-Club Teens

Teen members of T-Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as empower other teenagers

T-Club TEENS Mission:

*To help other teens in the community and the Nation.


* Members conduct acts of service in their communities, like cleaning up parks, collecting clothing.


* TBD, Teens book distribution, which works to get books into the hands of children in the community.


* (Stop Bullying in schools) They organize campaigns against bullying.


*ACCEL Teens Leadership Evaluator judges empower other teenagers.


* They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and fulfilling leadership positions in the T-Club, as well include Arts and Acting.


3 hours a month is usually all it takes. That's not too harsh, and while you're helping out, you'll also be able to meet up with people your own age, and get good work experience (by the way, volunteering looks really great on a job resume.) and scholarship applications.   

T-Club's members' encourages active participation with adults, peers, and family members that enable Teenagers to enhance self-esteem and fulfill their potential.

The T-Club service initiative is the hands-on element of the major emphasis. All of the hands-on service provided to teenagers by T-Club members is directed to a single area of need, to make a substantial impact. The current service initiative T.B.D project, allows T-Clubbers joining forces to save new gentle used books and The T-Club Ranch shelter Project around the world has made a positive impact on teens.