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DIVAS Resurrection Book & Art Club

D.I.V.A.S Book Power & Arts Club mission

Empower, create a new life experience in the literary, media and visual arts; to renew, inspire, and
encourage the sharing of our diverse gifts, talents, and skills.

Writing to heal is a new series of my journey- you can blog, you can write a book, you can mentally release the pain on paper, to release inner healing. By charring their experience and success would help other women to succeed.

D.I.V.A.S Book Power & Art Club can be a place of networking for author’s and education workshops. Book club project can oversee book and art fair. 



DIVAS Resurrection Book & Art Club Expo Showcase

Expo gives the opportunity to exhibit your books, arts by giving the opportunity of increasing member’s business and expand the authors and artists network, showcase..

The event is designed to showcase the books & arts and educational workshops that give the opportunity for women/men to succeed at art's would.